10 February 2014

Discussion: Why ebooks?

I know some people really hate ebooks and I know that there is also people that prefer ebooks over physical copies. I am one of the inbetweeners, I really like both, and at times I prefer one over the other. I really like reading books on my iPad, especially because I can get a bunch of different books for free, and since I live in Denmark most of the books I win is ebooks, because people won't pay for shipping...

Arcs and space
When I read arcs(=advance  reader copies) or a book I have received for review, I actually prefer a digital copy, because I feel like I can take better notes and highlight EVERYTHING I love or hate, I think it is easier to review them if I have all those notes.
Also, I have way to many books on my shelves, and I cannot really fit anymore in, so ebooks are great spacewise, since the only place they take up, is space on my iPad! And I can totally live with that!

Pet peeve
Why I prefer ebooks sometimes correlates with one of my pet peeves, which is series not matching! I normally buy the longer series as ebooks or get them from the library - it is just nicer that way!
Have you noticed all the different heights there are? Seriously, there must be around 30. I hate having to look at that! You can go from pocket to mass to normal to large to weird. And I have that scale all over my bookshelves - I hate it.

Eating while reading!
Another great point: eating while reading! I prefer to read all the time, so when I have to put it down to drink or eat, it seriously annoys me. Also, if you eat while reading physical books and you get crumbs between the pages, it seriously drives me insane! Or stains on the pages....

At night
It is easier to read on an e-reader because well, when you lie in bed and cuddle, it's hard to flip pages in a normal book, but to hold the e-reader still and just tap the side is easily done! But it kills me that I don't get to flip the pages..... I love flipping the page so I can read the next and next and next! I love doing this:

You can read an ebook at night! Because even if the lights are off, you still have background lighting! Also, if the font is annoying, you can just change it! Or if the letters are to small or to big, you can change it to your liking!

The feeling
One thing I hate with ebooks though, is the fact that I don't get to look at the gorgeous covers all the time or see them fit on my shelves. Don't get me wrong, I still love them. I just hate that I never get to look at them, like really look at them. I don't get to do that:

Why do you like/hate ebooks?

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