13 March 2016

Weekly rewind 3.13.16

You guys know that I love my wrap ups and even though I haven't done a lot this week, I figured I'd do one anyways! 

On blogging
As the past 3 or 4 weeks I haven't really blogged. I've written a few posts here and there but I haven't felt the inspiration yet. I really hope that I find some inspiration soon because I do miss blogging but I haven't felt it reach out to me yet - and that is when I write the best! 

I have a few ideas and I also have a bunch of notes for some of them. I just need to get it together! 

On reading

Luckily I haven't fallen in to a massive slump, just a tiny one due to The Goldfinch and the fact that the only other book I've been reading have been a classic. Don't get me wrong, I love my classics, but I like to take my time and read them slowly so they're not good for slumps. 

I finished The Goldfinch on Thursday and I'm honestly quite proud of myself! I can't believe I managed to get through it. I had high hopes for it since it is quite a big book AND it has received The Man Booker Prize and a lot of other awards and prizes. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I'd hoped. 

I have about 100 pages left in Sense and Sensibility but since I'm participating in the Slay That Series readathon this week (today, March 13 to March 20) I'm not sure I'm going to pick it up again before sometime after the readathon. I'm really enjoying it though, I just want to get the most out of the readathon - it's the first one I'm really participating in this year! 

I picked up The Wondrous and the Wicked (The Dispossessed, #3) this morning and I'm really enjoying it! This series is so much fun and I love that it is set in Paris! You can read my review of the first book, The Beautiful and the Cursed here

Even though I forgot to snap a picture of The Shamer Chronicles 3+4 I'm also reading that one today! I love reading multiple books at once and since The Wondrous and the Wicked is an ebook I figured a physical one was in order! 

On the shelf

I've not been good this week! I feel like March is always the month where I buy a thousand books! At least they've been cheap and I also unhauled 15 unread books from my shelf and a handful of read books I didn't enjoy or aren't going to reread. 

I went to a city called Kolding where I bought a couple of books and got one for free in exchange for another book. I also visited a local thrift store which always had a good amount of books and lastly I received the last of my birthday gifts! All in all 10 books! 
I'm so happy I found the fifth book in the Shopaholic series so now I'm just missing the third and the newest one which isn't released in Danish yet! And since I have the rest of the books in Danish I need to have all of them in Danish! 

At least a few of them are short, right?... 

On discoveries and happenings
Well, a few things happened this week so we're doing bullets! 

  • I bought the cutest water bottle from H&M so I'm drinking a ton of water! Yay!
  • I found these gorgeous bookmarks at books and tea leaf
  • I watched The Jane Austen Book Club and I really enjoyed it! I read the book a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it, but I haven't heard a lot of great things about either the book or the movie. Turns out I really like both so I recommend them! 
  • I rearranged my bookshelf to a rainbow scheme and I was quite satisfied. My boyfriend on the other hand thought I should do the rainbow in another way so he rearranged them yesterday and it looks sooo good! I have a bookshelf on either side of my window and it's just stunning! 
  • I bought some staedtler triplus fineliners, or rather, I bought the big set of 36. I hope to do a quite review once I've used them a bit. 
  • I found a great reading snack, which is not entirely unhealthy; walnuts with dark chocolate! I basically just melt some dark chocolate and then cover half of the walnut with it. It's so, so good! 

On the blog
This week

Next week

  • I'm obviously participating in a readathon, because I've mentioned it quite a few times now, but you'll hopefully see a progress post floating about during the week and a quick wrap up next Monday
  • On Tuesday it's all about books on our Spring TBR 
  • On Friday there'll be a First Paragraphs post as always! 
  • Maybe a guest post or a '25 bookish facts about me'-post will be added to that list, maybe both?

Hope you all had a great week! 

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