17 March 2016

25 bookish facts about me

1. I primarily buy big books!
I'm very careful with my money when it comes to books and since I read books quite fast I don't want to buy books with less than 250-300 pages. Unless they're cheap of course.

2. I suck at reading series
I've finished around 6 series this year so far, and I'm definitely proud of that - but I have so many more to finish! I keep reading the first one and then never getting around to the rest.

3. I like to snack while reading
I have this weird habit of biting my lip or picking my nails while reading - unless I have something else to do. Recently I've been better at snacking healthily.

4. I like to make an occasion out of a reading session
If I have a few hours I can reserve for reading - or during a 24 hour readathon - I always try to make it special. I always make the bed, light some candles, make a drink, find some snacks and get a couple of books and snuggle under a comfy blanket. I like to make something special out of it while I can.

5. I need to have post its and/or a notebook nearby
I like to take notes while reading and mark passages I like. It's also quite a good habit if you review books! I also color code my post it's.. Yes, either to the colors of the book or like I do for my planner; yellow is important etc.

6. I love to keep track of everything
I have multiple ways of tracking my reading, my series, the books I own etc. The spreadsheets I found in January are perfect but I still use libib and goodreads - and recently my bullet journal.

7. I react strongly
This is a bit of an embarrassing fact to be honest but my reactions are quite, well, loud. I laugh out loud if something is funny, I put the book down and take a couple of deep breathiest if it's too emotional and I yell, yes I yell, if something takes me by surprise.

8. I judge books by their covers and spines
Yes I know it's awful but we all do it to some extent. I like pretty covers and I buy the prettier version if the price is reasonable.
So, online it's covers and while browsing bookstores it's the spines and the titles - I can explain why I judge titles too.

9. I like to organize my reading
I recently found the perfect way to make a TBR, at least for me, and I actually spend a good amount of time putting it together. I like to have a couple of review books, a classic and something I really want to read. I basically spend a lot of time figuring out which book(s) to read.

10. I can't deal with broken spines
My favorite used bookstore has a lot of great books for reasonable and very cheap prices but I can't get myself to buy them - even if it's books I really want - if the spine is broken. This is also the reason I'm not comfortable with lending my books.

11. I'm not too fond of collections of bindups. 
It's usually cheaper to buy collections or bandpass than buying the individual books, but it doesn't really make for the best reading experience. My Narnia Chronicles windup is quite hard to read since you can't really hold it and it's too heavy to have on your lap or stomach. The format of bindups and collections are usually annoying.

12. I don't like reading translations
I definitely prefer reading books in their original language or the next best thing. I therefore mainly read books in English unless the original language is Danish or a Scandinavian language - then I read it in Danish. I definitely feel like something gets lost when a book is translated.

13. I will probably never participate in NANOWRIMO
Even though I love to read I don't want to be an author. I like to write but just not enough.

14. I wish I reread more
Seriously; too many books and not enough time. I have so many books I want to read again and someday, hopefully, I'll find the time.

15. I like the idea of short stories, novellas and graphic novels...
but I usually don't enjoy reading them

16. I basically read every genre
As long as I find the summary intriguing I'll read a book. I've been disappointed by every book in the historical fiction genre I've read so far and I'm not too comfortable with erotica just yet - but I've not sworn those genres off.

17. I recently made my fourth TBR jar
I love the idea of a TBR jar but I'm quite bad at actually using it. I've tried book titles and challenges but nothing really stick. Hopefully the fourth time's the charm!

18. I often want to reorganize my bookshelf
..... but I find it too daunting. At the moment they're organized by color so they make a pretty rainbow but before that I had my erotica books on top of my bookshelf, and my classics separated from the rest as well.

19. I sometimes wonder whether I should stop reading YA
One of my goals this year is to read (much) less YA and I'm doing okay. The problem is that I often find them mediocre and similar. It's the same story over and over but they're great for readathons!

20. I collect reading samples but never read them
Yes, this is sad, but I figure I may use them in giveaways for a little extra something. Hopefully I can get myself to read the samples of bigger novels before buying them or accepting them for review.

21. I rarely read Danish literature
..... even though I live in Denmark! I wish I could support our authors here but I often find their books  dull. I've recently read some great ones though and hopefully it'll continue this way!

22. I'm quite particular about my bookmarks
Yes, I like the cute fancy ones but I prefer the flat cardboard ones, preferably with a hassle. I have a bunch made of metal but I'm scared they'll rip the pages. I wish I had some of the 'sprout'-ones though.

23. I didn't realize how fond I was of reading until 2013
I've never been encouraged to read because none of my parents were readers and none of my siblings liked to read. Now of course we're a family of readers, typical, but it's actually my boyfriend's fault. He accepted me as I was and since then I've literally gone from 30 to 300 books.

24.  I love readathons
Even if I fail almost every time! I love the book community and how we support each other during the 'tons.

25. I have 2 book blogs! 
A Danish site wanted me to review their books so they kindly asked me if I could start a blog in Danish last year. Now I receive books from multiple publishers here in Denmark as well. It's definitely a big job juggling both of the blogs, but I think I've finally got the hang of it now.

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