16 March 2016

Books on my Spring TBR

So, I kind of missed out on yesterdays Top Ten Tuesday which was books on our Spring TBR - but since I love doing seasonal TBR's (and TBR's in general) I figured I'd do it anyway! 

The first book on my Spring TBR is Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. I'm saving it for Dewey's 24 hour readathon which is happening next month on the 23rd! I absolutely love all of Rainbow Rowell's books and I think, and hope, I'm going to love Kindred Spirits as well. I'm sad that it's only 60 pages long though! 

I received a package yesterday from Amazon which contained the entire Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott. I've been wanting to read Little Women for quite a while now and I've been looking for a cute edition which had matching covers for the 4 books and I found one from Vintage Classics. I just want to jump in to it right now! 

I bought A Tale for the Time Being almost two weeks ago and I keep looking at it! I've been intrigued by it for so long and to finally have it... I'm trying quite hard to stick to my TBR! 

Outlander is definitely high on my list! I've only heard good things about it and I hope I love it as much as everyone else. I received it in January and I have no idea why I haven't read it yet. 

Next up is The Versions of Us. It's a 'what if' kind of story and I love those! Because me and my boyfriend met entirely by chance and there's just no way we'd have met if we hadn't both been at the same party 3,5 years ago. I've heard next to nothing about this one but I'm looking forward to reading it!

I mainly have The Story of Beautiful Girl on this list because I've been wanting to read it for sooo long - and I've had it on my shelf since Summer/Fall last year! I need to read it! 

The last book in the picture is the Danish version of Fates and Furies. I received it on Monday and I'm quite sure I'm going to read it in April! I love reading books about marriage - since it's usually about what happens before the wedding and I love reading about what happens after! 

I of course have a ton more books I want to read, but these are definitely high on my TBR but, since I have The School for Good and Evil coming in the mail and I'm receiving my very first OwlCrate soon, it'll probably grow... quickly. 

What's on your Spring TBR? 

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