23 August 2015

Sunday Post : ARC August, freetime and relaxing!

I really like making these Sunday Posts! In fact I just love making wrap ups! I love having these posts  where I can look back at what I made in that year/month/week - it's so nice and sometimes you stumble across something you'd forgotten about!
Since I still have a week before I go back to school I've just been relaxing, watching TV and written a bunch of posts! But let's go a bit more into detail:

ARC August update
I haven't read that much this week, so this will be quite a short update:
Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Choldenko ⎜Gut Feeling by Victoria Browne ⎜Third Time Lucky - The Honey Trap (Third Time Lucky #1) by Victoria Browne

All of the Above by James Dawson

I also began reading All of the Above by James Dawson and it's really good! On Friday I shared the beginnings of both Gut Feeling and Third Time Lucky - The Honey Trap, you can find the post here.

UPDATE: I finished All of the Above late last night and I loved it!

Posts you've might have missed and other things that've happened this week

What to look forward to in the coming week
  • Tomorrow I have another review for you! I read More Than This last week and absolutely loved it so I wanted to share my thoughts with you as soon as possible and tomorrow it is! 
  • The Top Ten Tuesday this week is going to be the top ten books which would be on our syllabus if we taught x 101 - and I've chosen fairy tale retellings! So there's going to be 10 of my favorite fairytale retellings this week
  • I have a tag coming on Wednesday. Theepika @ It's Theepika tagged me to do the 'I Mustache You Some Questions' tag 
  • On Thursday I'll talk a bit about reading nonfiction - how to do it right! 
  • Lastly I'll have another review, this time of one of my most anticipated reads of 2015: Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas.
  • Next week is my last week off before I start University and even though I like having a bunch of freetime I also can't wait to start school again! 

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  1. Enjoy your week off! Trouble is a Friend of Mine looks fun, and relaxing and reading is nice. I see that Matched is on your list of books you weren't crazy about, I've got that one ans hope to like it, but haven't started yet. We'll see, I guess. :)

    Have a super week!

    1. Thanks! Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a great read! I really hoped you enjoy Matched!
      and you too!

  2. Trouble is a Friend of Mine has been catching my eye. I may have to check it out.