17 August 2015

Review and Giveaway : The Violet Hour by Andrea L. Wells

Series: The Violet Hour #1
Publication date: May 11, 2015
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Genres: YA, Paranormal
Format: Paperback, review copy
Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review
Pages: 308

Still shocked over her mother’s mysterious death, California socialite Logan Keller is handed a one-way ticket to her long lost roots in Wyoming where love, deceit and danger await. Though she could forget everything staring into Luke Callahan’s eyes, Logan is quickly thrust into a fight for survival. Taking fate into her own hands, she begins unraveling the dangerous deceptions that abound at every turn. Her father is keeping secrets and Luke is keeping more. But Logan is keeping the biggest secret of them all.

The Violet Hour is a page-turning captivating twist of young romance and the paranormal.

I think this book has one of the most memorable beginnings! I seriously shed a tear after having read the first chapter and I had to put the book down afterwards. It so incredibly emotional and I absolutely love the way it begins!
I shared the first chapter in the beginning of the month, you can read it here.

I have to admit that I see a bunch of similarities between The Violet Hour and Twilight but I don’t mind since I actually like  Twilight. Andrea has basically taken all my favourite things about Twilight and has made them even better. I loved reading The Violet Hour

Logan Keller, our main character, tells the story in The Violet Hour. Logan is almost 17 and she’s probably one of my favourite characters ever! Logan isn’t snarky, she’s not rude, she’s not arrogant and she forgives. My favourite part about her is the fact that she’s a reader, I love it when characters are into books! I also loved Logan’s stubbornness, she doesn’t accept when someone’s lying to her and she’s definitely a very strong female character!
Logan is very close with her mom and her death is devastating! The fact that they were so close makes me smile, I wish I was closer with my mom and it’s not often that I see such a great mother-daughter relationship in books and I really like that.

After her mother’s death Logan moves in with her father, his new wife Kate and 3 boys; Luke, Jack and Jesse. The children of two of their deceased friends. I really liked Kate, I loved how she tried to help Logan without trying to take the role of her mom! The fact that Logan hasn’t seen her father in seven years and choose to forget everything and just forgive him makes me so happy. I’ve read too many books where the characters hold grudges even against the one person they have left and I love that Logan is better than that!

I can’t not talk about Logan and Luke! Swoon!  I absolutely love Luke, he’s so sweet, thoughtful and kind and my cheek definitely hurt from smiling because of him! He’s just what Logan needed and seeing the two of them together made my heart flutter!

The story
Aside from loving the characters I also loved the storyline! I was a bit worried about the werewolf part but it wasn’t as prominent as I’d feared and I really enjoyed the werewolf part when it came down to it. It was so imaginative and I’ve not read that many werewolf stories I’ve actually enjoyed  - this is definitely the first one I’ve actually loved!

I loved every little bit of this story, the conversations, the events, the setting, the storyline, the characters and so on. Everything was just to my liking and I really think she took all my favourite things from Twilight and improved them!

I had to put the book down halfway down since it was way past my bedtime but I stayed up quite a while just thinking about it and I picked it up the moment I woke up!

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a while and I’m grateful for receiving this book for review! Thank you so much Andrea!

So, in case you hadn’t noticed I absolutely loved The Violet Hour so I had to give it the highest rating. It has everything I love and more!

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