9 March 2014

What's the deal with graphic novels?

I've tried to read graphic novels - I've actually read volume 1-18 in the Walking Dead series, but I've never actually CARED for graphic novels. When I read books, I feel connected to the characters in some way or another, but when I read graphic novels I just feel indifference. I don't care whether the characters live or die - I don't get the same connection as when I read actual books.

I love the artwork in graphic novels, I am seriously thinking about reading Locke & Key by Joe Hill solely for the artwork. I think I've read volume 1-3 in the Locke & Key series and I couldn't even get through the first volume of Fables even though I love fairytales. I have no desire to read a graphic novel, I feel like they're pointless - I am not saying that to be rude, but for me I just prefer books.

They are much faster to read than actual books, but you don't get the same "ammount" out of it. I mean, how can you know what the characters are feeling or how they're holding up? How do you know who's in love with who and how do you know who's the bad and the good guy? I love all those hidden messages in books that you can only decipher once you've read that book 3 times - you don't get that with graphic novels.

I'll probably still try to read some, I just don't think I'll ever be one of those people who love books and graphic novels the same or lean more towards graphic novels.
I know some people absolutely love graphic novels or solely read them - but I'm just not one of those people.

How do you feel about graphic novels?

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