16 March 2014

Little Miss #2: Tiny

Little Miss is a mini-series I've created because I wanted to do something different, but still something that has something to do with books and my blog. So I came up with "Little Miss Something". Last time I made Little Miss Shy, which was a list with underrated and under-read books (shy - unknown... get it?). This time I choose Little Miss Tiny, which is gonna be short books (under 200 pages) and short characters (well, character... I have 1)

This book is a bit over 200 pages BUT it consists of notes between a mother and a daughter and it's a really quick read since the notes are 10 lines long and takes up and entire page. I read the whole thing within an hour I think and I seriously loved it. I thought it was going to be a light read, but turned out to be deep and meaningful - I highly recommend it!

I love the movie, and I love the book as well. It's about 50 pages but since it is a childrens book, there isn't that much writing on the pages - maybe 5 lines. I love how this teaches a kid to take care of the environment within those 50 pages and I love the Lorax and all the rhyming. It is a wonderful little book. 

This is a classic that consist of about a 100 pages I believe. This again is a childrens book and I really enjoy it. It goes on and on about how grown ups are strange and I totally loved it. It's about this Little Prince that goes on and adventure - he visits the other planets and meets strange grown-ups. I think it's sweet and I think it may be time for a re-read. 

I actually read this quite recently, and I enjoyed it! It is an autobiography about Susanna's life inside this mental hospital. I enjoyed reading about how things actually functioned inside an asylum and I loved getting to know Susanna's friends. At times it was a bit dense and boring, but it's still a really interesting read - especially for nonfiction.

I didn't give this book a high rating (I think I gave it 1 or 2 hearts) but that was because I read the book at a bad time. If I had read it any other moment, I probably would have given it 4.. I think the theme is gruesome but I still thought it was interesting. I don't recommend everyone reading it - especially not delicate souls. 

I adore this book! It took me a while to get into, but once I was, I couldn't put it down. I love that the story is written from a zombies perspective and that it's basically Romeo and Juliette in zombie version! I even think the movie was great! I know this book is a bit over 200 pages but it is so good that it feels small. 

I love Isaac Marion and all his little stories - and I think this one is his best work yet. You can probably read it in under 5 minutes - so why not just read it? 
It's set in the future where sleep is "cured"

This is an actual short story that I gave 4 hearts! I've not of those who love short stories, I just don't enjoy them as much as books. This is about a group of friends that have made this game called "apocalypse scenario" 

I recently read this novel and quite thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not the shortest novel, nor the longest - but at 250 pages with a tiny female character (everybody calls her small) I will count this book as a "Little Miss Tiny". 
This book was also my very first NA novel and it was great!

Goodreads | Review

I love the Harry Potter series and when I found out that she had written 3 extra books for the series I seriously sqealed! I adore the books and I think they are a magnificent topping for the sundae that is the Harry Potter world!

Again, I have to include this book - and I will keep doing it until somebody writes a biography of her! Or she chooses to write an autobiography - I can totally live with that. 
But I adore J.K. Rowling and every book she will ever write! 

Which Little Miss shall I do next?

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