3 March 2014


I just found out about codeacademy today, and I could not keep this to myself! Since I started blogging I've learned a lot about HTML and CSS - especially when I made my drop down navigation bar. I didn't actually know what I was doing - I just tried and tried until it worked!

Then I found out about this page where you can learn to use HTML and CSS properly, you have to complete different tasks and you get to know why it works and what the different things stand for. HTML and CSS aren't even the only things you get to learn how to use. You can learn about jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby, and there is even other stuff to do where you get to use what you learned in practice!

I can't believe I hadn't heard about this page before! I think every blogger should go through the HTML and CSS course, it helps so much!

I am currently 10% through the very first course and I am having a great time! I think it's a different "talent" and I am having so much fun learning about it!

But anyway, I just wanted you to know about this website because I think you can benefit a lot from it - you even earn badges once you complete something!

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