17 March 2014

TBR Jar!

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know that I recently made a TBR Jar. I first found out about it on booktube and I loved the idea. The idea is that you have to write a bunch of books on random slips on paper and then put them in your TBR jar, you can either choose books you HAVE to read on your shelves, books you want to re-read or you can choose to write down every unread book on your shelves like I did - there is a bunch of other choices. I have also included some of the books I want to re-read, because I have wanted to re-read them for a long time. 

This "jar" will hopefully also help me with my TBR Pile challenge!

The first thing to do, is obviously to write all the titles (with or without the author's name). I chose to do mine on the computer and print them out, since I have slight OCD and I would seriously hate for the slips to be different sizes! 

Then you just cut them out, fold them up and put them in your jar! and there you have it, a TBR jar!

I have some rules for myself when it comes to this jar - and I will advice you to do the same!

Rule 1: If I draw a book that has been on my shelf for a longer period of time, and I don't want to read it. I have to get rid of it.
Rule 2: If I draw a re-read and I'm not in the mood for a re-read, I can choose to get rid of the slip or put it back in the jar and draw another book.
Rule 3: If I draw a book I have had for a shorter period, I can choose to "mark" it with a red x, and the next time I draw it I HAVE to read it. 

I will probably be drawing a book a month because I love surprises. 

Do you have a TBR jar?

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