7 February 2016

Weekly rewind 2.7.16

I'm going to start doing weekly rewinds instead of 'The Sunday Post'-posts. I like this title a lot better, and yes, it's definitely 'inspired' by Natalie from Natflix&Books. I like doing these weekly summaries even though I forgot about them in December and January.

The first week of February is over and it's gone by way to fast - like any other week or month! It's been quite a busy week but I've also been very productive so I managed to cross a bunch of things of of my to do list and I'm feeling quite accomplished!

On blogging
Well, I managed to write quite an amount of posts this week! I wrote a few in the mornings and, since I have the majority of Thursday off each week, I wrote quite a lot on Thursday. I therefore only have to write this post and then I almost have the posts for next week done!

I was also contacted by quite a few people regarding spotlights, interviews and things along those lines. I've accepted a few of the offers and I'm quite excited about them! I have a post coming, once I've written it of course, about Moozvine; a new book site and also an interview with Odera O'Gunewe - a 16-year-old author and I also have an excerpt of her book coming for you guys! I'm not sure about the dates for these posts yet, since I still have some details to figure out, but they're coming this month!

On reading


I didn't read as much as I wanted to this week but since I wrote so many blog posts I think it evens it out. I managed to finish Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, I also shared the first paragraph and a couple of thoughts which you can read here
I then began Jane Eyre since I received a book for review which basically requires me to read it. I've only read 40 odd pages so far but I'm definitely enjoying it! 
I've already strayed from my reading stack..

On the shelf
I only bought a single book this week and it didn't even cost me a dollar! I love old editions of classics so when I stumbled across this gorgeous copy of The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells I just knew I had to buy it!

I also received 3 books for review, all digital; 

JUNE 2016                                            JUNE 2016                                         MARCH 2016

I went on a little spree on edelweiss last night and it resulted in Soft in the Head by Marie-Sabine Roger which is about an 80-year-old lady who loves to read and do so in the park. She begins to read aloud to this younger man and he finds out that she has dementia - he therefore learns to read so he can read to her. Or that's what I can remember..
Life from Elsewhere: Journeys through World Literature which is an anthology of essays. I'm not entirely sure what to expect but I kept going back to it so I knew I had to get it!
I was also approved for Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye - which I can't believe! I know it's quite an anticipated book and I usually don't get approved for those titles!

On discoveries
While searching for printables for my blog planner I stumbled across a DIY Blog Planner on Books: A True Story which is quite obviously a book blog. I've since become very obsessed with said blog and I think Jessica has some great content! 

I also stumbled across Hazel's printables on her blog Stay Bookish on my search for printables. I'm still debating whether I should buy her book blog planner or stick to the one I have since I'm quite pleased with my current one. 

Lastly I discovered that I can make some cute printables myself! I completely failed when I tried last year but this time around they turned out pretty cute! 

On all the rest
On the blog;

Next week;
  • The first thing I have planned next week is a review of Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy - which you can find tomorrow
  • I still have yet to figure out what I'm going to talk about on Tuesday for the weekly Top Ten Tuesday but of course you can expect a V-day inspired post! 
  • On Wednesday I have a cover reveal of In Your Dreams by Ginger Scott which is a standalone spin-off of her Falling series. And my oh my, that cover is H.O.T. 
  • Lastly there's a book beginnings post on Friday - the book is still to be decided! 
How was your week? If you have weekly wrap ups of any kind you're welcome to leave a link below! 

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