12 February 2014

Tackling the Genres #2: Contemporary

Tackling the Genres is a mini-series I have created because I had a hard time figuring out the different genres, but also because I love researching things. The first genre I tackled was fantasy. You can see it here.

When I was younger I had no idea what contemporary was, I actually thought it was nonfiction. But since I started reading again, I have come to enjoy contemporary, and it is actually one of my favorite genres!

When you look "contemporary" up, it says: existing, occuring, or living at the same time, belonging to the same time. Which makes sense since contemporary books is set in our world - nothing supernatural or anything. You could call it realistic fiction if you like.

Another popular definition is: fiction that is set in the modern world without the slightest supernatural factor. Everything is real, nothing is made up.

Goodreads has this great page where you can choose a genre and then you can see new releases, giveaways, lists, popular books and more all tagged with the genre you've chosen. For contemporary click here.

Some of my favorite contemporary books are:
FangirlAttachments    The Fault in Our Stars   Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Which genre should I tackle next?

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