21 February 2014

Series Review: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

I have been wanting to read this series for quite a while and I finally got around to it! It all takes place on Goodspeed - which is a spaceship! Doesn't it already sound awesome? But on this spaceship there is some people who are frozen, because they have been chosen to be the military, doctors and such on the new planet. There has to be people that takes care of the ship, and there is a couple of thousand people to do that. They are called Feeders and Shippers, then we have Doc and his helpers and lastly Elder and Eldest - the leader and the leader to-be of the ship. 
And then things starts happening! 

I really liked the characters! Amy, Elder and Harvey where probably my favorites! And Kayleigh would have been if she was alive! 

I loved the fact that Elder didn't just accept everything he was told, he interprets everything to see if there is a hidden truth - it was great! Also, he thinks things through before going along with everything

Amy had a hard time fitting in in the beginning, because everyone looks the same and she stands out. But she deals with it! Ofcourse it was rough in the beginning, but that didn't mean that she sat in "her" room and sulked all the time. She took matters into her own hands and started envestigating stuff.

Aaah Harvey, sweet sweet Harvey... He tries to make Amy feel welcome, and I personally think he does a great job! He is so nice and friendly to everyone even though he has had a very hard time. 

I think this is one of the best ideas ever! I mean seriously a murder mystery that takes place on a spaceship that doesn't have contact with Earth anymore, the former leaders have had well kept secrets and there is so many hidden agendas and secrets that once you think you have figured it out there comes a plot twist and you have to figure every thing out again. 

I LOVED the fact that the love story I thought it was going to be, was not an actual love story! It was a friendship that bloomed until both were ready, they actually started to know each other and had the time to let their feelings evolve. Another thing I loved was that she kept saying that she didn't want to be with Elder because he was the only one she could be with - in the beginning I though it was irritating, but when I started to know Amy I totally understood it. She wanted to choose Elder, and not just choose him because there wasn't anyone else to choose. I think that is beautiful. 

I started to fear a love triangle somewhere in the books, but I am happy to say that there wasn't one! I hate love triangles and the fact that this series is free of one, totally bumps up the rating!

I also think this is a very unique story, I have never come across a book that took place in space on a spaceship - but let me know if you have!

My first rating for each book was 4 hearts, but after thinking about it, I have to give each of them 5 hearts. Since I finished Shades of Earth a couple of days ago, I haven't stopped thinking about them. I know this series will be one of my favorites for a very long time, if not the rest of my life. 

It is spectacular, well-written, wonderfully put together and all in all magnificent. 

Across the Universe: Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads
A Million Suns: Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads
Shades of Earth: Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads
You can get a sample of each book on amazon!

And by the way; those covers are gorgeous! - after reading the third book I like the cover better, although I still prefer the other ones better. 

There is a novella called As They Slip Away, even though goodreads says it's a prequel, I recommend you read it after the second book (A Million Suns) since it contain a spoiler. 

Have you read the series, if yes what did you think, if no are you planning to?

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