21 April 2014

Update: Sorry I've been gone guys...I'm hopefully back now!

So, I've felt like I needed a bit of a break from blogging for a while and that little break happened to be totally unplanned with no scheduled posts so you wouldn't notice that I was actually gone for a week or two - but oh well, I can't change anything, can I?

The reason my unexpected break came was that I had a week of from school (I start again tomorrow) and I really didn't feel like doing anything. Me and my dad spend a lot of time together the first couple of days and then I had to get my eyes checked and couldn't read, watch TV or use the computer for 2 days... and after that, well, my eyes aren't "back" yet. I still feel like my vision is different than before, but that won't change before I get my glasses... But I can use the computer and read now. I still have some trouble with the Telly.

But I will try to come back through out this week and the next but I can promise you that I'm back for good in May - since I have Indie Author Month and I kind of need to be there since I'm the one putting everything together.

I have also decided to stop doing the "Life of a Blogger" meme, I wasn't looking forward to making those posts and when it came down to it I actually didn't want to write them - so they're gone now.. I will probably find another way for you to get to know me better. You can always ask me questions and maybe if there's enough I can do a Q/A - or I will just answer you in the comments.

and I don't know whether I will do Top Ten Tuesdays for a while either. I've already decided that I'm only doing Teaser Tuesday in May (read more here) and I may do a WWW Wednesday this week and maybe next week. I still really like doing WWW Wednesdays since I only have to answer 3 questions and they're kind of like my weekly recap but I don't feel the same towards TTT's at the moment. So I will take a break and who knows, maybe I'm back when June comes around.

and I've been thinking, I may change my blog design, but until I have everything ready (if I choose to change my layout) there won't be any changes.

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