20 April 2014

Feather Bound by Sarah Raughley

Feather Bound
Series: N/A, Standalone
Publication date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Strange Chemistry  
Genres: YA Fantasy, Fairytale Retelling
Format: eARC
Source: netgalley

When Deanna's missing friend Hyde turns up at his father's funeral to claim his corporate empire and inheritance, she is swept into his glittering world of paparazzi and wealth.

But re-kindling her friendship and the dizzying new emotions along for the ride are the least of her concerns. Because Deanna has a secret - and somebody knows. Someone who is out to get Hyde. And if she doesn't play along, and help the enemy destroy him...she will be sold to the highest bidder in the black market for human swans.

Now Deanna is struggling to break free from the gilded cage that would trap her forever...

Feather Bound is a dark debut reminiscent of Gabriel García Márquez's A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, and the twisted truth behind the fairy tale of Cinderella.

When I read the summary I wasn't that intrigued to tell you the truth, but when I read the "comment" at the bottom saying "the twisted truth behind the fairy tale of Cinderella" I was hooked! I really enjoy fairy tale retellings and even though I couldn't see the Cinderella story in this novel I still enjoyed it. I think it was based of The Swan Princess or something - definitely something with swans!

I read this in one day and I really enjoyed it. I loved Dee / Deanna and her sisters - in the end I started really liking Ade too! I loved the relationship between the 3 sisters, I love how they took care of each other - I didn't like all the secrets though! But they were there for each other when they needed each other the most, and I liked that!
I didn't really care for the dad before the end....

I really really liked Hyde! I adored how he was around Dee and how utterly in love he was with her. But on the other hand I loved Dee for handling things with Hyde as she did. I loved the fact that she actually didn't want to be with him and she didn't just believed every word he spoke. 

The story was so well-thought. The details fitted together and hidden messages and such where so well placed that you didn't guess stuff before Dee figured them out for herself. I loved the "new-ness" of this idea. I've never EVER read a book about swans!

I LOVED the small "excerpts" of some old fairytale that was included, it helped me understand the story and I loved reading this new fairy tale that I've never in my life even read - let alone heard of. 

Overall I really enjoyed the story, it was something totally different to anything I've ever read - and that says something. This is a phenomenal debut and I can't wait to see more from Sarah in the future, I am looking forward to seeing what she'll write next. 

I gave this book 4 hearts because I enjoyed it so much. I think Sarah did a wonderful job with her debut and she should definitely write more books!

Are you planning to read Feather Bound?

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