14 April 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT! Indie Author Month!

I have wanted to do something with indie authors or self-published authors and in the beginning I was  planning on making a single post with and "A-Z of Indie Authors" but then I realized that it wasn't really what I wanted. Then I thought: a indie author mini-series! But I also trashed that idea. Then I started wondering, I could do it as a "theme" for a period of time - maybe a week, maybe two? And then I finally settled on something. 

I could turn May into Indie Author Month! 

But, what is indie author month then? Indie Author Month (aka IAM) is a month where every post I write is going to have something to do with indie authors, whether it is my favorites or some I want to read. It is also a month where there will be a bunch of giveaways, blog tours, interviews, excerpts, teasers, guest posts and more. 

It also means that I'm not going to participate in memes in May, I will still participate in Teaser Tuesday - since it's perfect and I can share teasers of self-published books. But I won't be participating in any of the other ones. 

Some of the authors there will "be here" next month are:
Cambria Hebert (author of the Take it Off series amongst others)
Julia Crane (author of Freak of Nature amongst others)
Maximilian Timm (author of The WishKeeper)
S.F. Burgess (author of Eleanor)
Tammy Salyer (author of the Spectras Arise Trilogy)
Ripley Patton (author of Ghost Hand)

Some details
- In the sidebar there will be a list with upcoming posts and current giveaways. 
- There will be a weekly recap every sunday and a wrap up of the IAM at the end of the month
- There will be at least 1 post every day, maybe there will be more (aren't that far yet)
- Giveaways will be international so everyone can join in on the fun

and by the way, I still have some spots open, so if you're an indie author or a blogger and you are interested in joining - just comment and we can sort out the details!

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