8 April 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: The most unique books I've read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the sweet girls at The Broke and the BookishEvery Tuesday we list our top ten of a certain theme, genre or anything else - basically a top ten of you name it! This Tuesday is all about the most unique books we've read. I haven't read anything like House of Leaves or Ship of Theseus yet, so it's not anything too unique. 

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As usual in no particular order:

One of my friends recommended this to me (more like read this or else...). But since I really enjoyed it I'm happy she did! This book is written entirely in notes between a mother and daughter. Even though this is a rather short book and quick read, it still has some depth to it. 

I absolutely love this book! I love how Brandon has taken something so "normal" as magic and made it into something so unique and extraordinary. I love that it's only some people that are mistlings or mistborns, and I love that you get to learn about this special kind of magic in this natural way at a natural pace. I love that he has made metal into something magical!

I've had this series on my TBR for literally years, and I finally got around to reading it! I love the whole trilogy and I wish there were more. I love that this takes place on a spaceship in space, I thought sci-fi was all about space, and in a way it is, but not all sci-fi books are actually set in outer space. I loved that this wasn't a story containing insta-love or love-triangles, this was a story with a friendship and people learning who they are and what to do when they have the power over people. 
Series review

I feel like I always include Hunger Games.. But anyway, I had never read a dystopia book before this one, and I've never read anything like it since. I love this whole trilogy and I feel like people have tried to catch the "feel" of Hunger Games, but never actually done it. 

I think this is the only nonfiction book that I've ever actually enjoyed. I love setting goals, I love reading about happiness and I absolutely love making lists! This book has it all. I love how she have a "theme" for each month and then some goals under that theme. This book has inspired me a lot and I really recommend it to everyone!

Dear Auggie, you're special, but in a good way!
I loved reading about Auggie and how his first year of school was. I loved reading about this boy with this deform face and how people reacted - and how he tackled it so well. I think children all over the world should know his story, maybe even get middle graders to read it?

I love fairytales and this book is such a neat and fun little book. In the beginning I was really disappointed because I was expecting something else, but as I re-read it, I started to love it. I have to warn you though, this book is NOT suited for children but young adults and up. 

Even though I didn't enjoy Unwind, I still appreciate the unique idea Shusterman writes about. I think it's rather macabre that you can unwind your children - meaning that instead of getting an abortion you can keep them alive and then when they reach a certain age you can get them unwound (harvesting their organs). I have thought about re-reading it to see if I would like it better, but I don't know if I ever will. 

I tecnically haven't read this yet, or at least, I haven't finished it yet. I've read 250 pages I believe, but I had to put it down because I wasn't in the mood for it. In the beginning I had a hard time following the narrator - who is DEATH! But after a while I got used to it and I really enjoyed that unique twist on the narrator!

I read the Pivot Point duology in March and I absolutely loved it! I loved that I have never EVER read anything remotely similar. I really enjoyed reading about all these different "mind-powers" and getting extremely frustrated over the paths she could see! I really recommend this duology, even if you only read it for the epicness of the lovestory!

Have you read any of these? if yes, what did you think? if not, are you planning to?

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