12 May 2016

Violets & Violence by Morgan Parker

Violets & Violence by Morgan Parker. Selfpublished in 2014. Received for review from Publishing Push and the author. Adult romance. 2 out of 5 stars.  

WARNING: This is quite a negative review and I apologize for that. There's also going to be some spoilers. 

I don't know where to begin with this review because the book has left me speechless - and not in a good way. 

When it was just released back in 2014, I saw it everywhere and I've been intrigued by it ever since. I noticed it a few months ago on publishingpush.com and my intrigue reawakened. Funny thing is, I've never known what it is about or heard anyone talk about it. There has been so much mystery around this book and that definitely pulled me in. 

Violets & Violence is about Violet. Violet is a performing illusionist. She can levitate, walk through glass and be in two places at one time. I'd really hoped that there would be real magic, because I would simply love that, but there unfortunately weren't. 
I'm quite at a loss for words because I really want to tell you what it's about, I just have no idea how. I've read the entire book and I actually have no idea what it's about. I feel like there is so many sub-plots without a main plot line and it doesn't really work. But let's try anyway; We have Violet. Violet sleeps with Luke - the one who is actually in control of the show. Violet brings a volunteer on stage, Carter, and long story short - they fall for each other. BUT Luke is still in the picture and then he's somehow held captured in New York for 3 weeks until Violet rescues him. Turns out Violet and Luke have stolen something of value, sold it (or something) so they could start the show. People want what Luke and Violet have stolen back, which is why they've captured Luke. There's also a 'plot twist' which is quite poorly doe and I'm disappointed with both the twist and the dramatic ending. There's more to tell, but I don't want to ruin the entire book for you. I can feel the author wanted the ending to be groundbreaking or mind-blowing but it really wasn't. I'm really sorry but it was awful. 

Another thing I have a problem with is the sex. I'm not against sex in books but I have no idea why it's in there. It does nothing for the story except making it longer and making me annoyed. It would definitely do better without. 

I however love that the story is told from Luke and Carter - not Violet. It's definitely my favorite thing about the entire book and one of the few good things I have to say! 
I also like the cover! It's captivating! I was also surprised to learn that the author is a man, I don't know why, but I've always pictured a woman writing the book. 

I have yet to give a book 1 star this year, but this one was close. 

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