31 May 2016

Top ten beach, or summer, reads

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday we create a list inspired by a particular topic! This week is about beach reads! 

Since it's basically summer now it's perfect for beach reads, I've switched it up and made it beach and Summer reads since I consider them Summer reads! 
For me a Summer read is either contemporary or features adventure, or both! 

Lorali by Laura Dockrill
First up is Lorali by Laura Dockrill which I actually read on the beach last year! It's about a mermaid named Lorali! It takes place both on land and in the sea!
I really, really enjoyed it and I believe the author posted something on IG about a sequel!
You can read my review here.

Forget You by Jennifer Echols
I just read Forget You this month and it was quite good! There's beach parties so that's something! The main character Zoey is in a car accident and loses a bit of her memory. She can't remember what happened that night and the book is about her trying to find out what happened and realising her true feelings and friends. It's definitely a page-turner!

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith
Another one I read on the beach last year, or maybe the year before, but there's also beach scenes! I was disappointed with this one, but it's a good beach read nonetheless.
It's your standard contemporary; boy meets girl, but this time the guy is a celebrity and, well, I can't remember much.

The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig
I read this in April and I absolutely loved it! It's a time travel book and a good chunk of the book takes place on Honolulu, Hawaii! For me Summer is the time for adventures and this definitely features adventure!
Read my review here.

Half Irish by Peter J. S. Waugh
Another book I've just read! This mainly takes place in Ireland, so you get an Irish summer vibe with rain and a bit of sun once in a while.
You can read my review here.

How to Love by Katie Cotugno
I read this a few years ago and I loved it! It's an older YA which features teen pregnancy and a love story, of course. It's quite good and I always think of Summer when I look at it!

All of the Above by James Dawson
Lastly there's All of the Above which is one of my favorite books of all time! I received it during Fall last year and I devoured it! It has LGBT themes, our main character is an introvert who loves to read and well, contemporaries are the bomb for Summer.
Read my review here.

How to be Bad by E. Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mlynowski
Another one I read last Summer! Friendship and roadtrip - that's all I'm gonna say.
Read my review here.

I wanted to share some of the books I hope to read this Summer, starting next month; 
Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
This should be THE summer book! I bought it on my trip to Ireland in September 2014 and it's been on my shelf ever since! As far as I can remember there's two friends, the extrovert goes on vacation of something and leaves a to do list for her introvert friend which she has to complete before the Summer is over.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
I know that memoirs aren't the typical Summer read, but this is full of adventure so I think it's perfect! I know there's some different cultures and traveling so there's that.

The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
Again, contemporary. I finally found the last copy I needed to complete my collection so I can now read them! I've used one and a half year to look for cheap copies of the entire series so it's anticipated now!

The Losing It series by Cora Cormack
I know I'm going to be reading this series because I have received the first one for review from a Danish publisher and I'm on the list for the sequel which releases in July here in Denmark! Definitely looking forward to it!

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