17 May 2016

Top ten books I picked up on a whim

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday we create a list inspired by a particular topic! This week is about the books we've picked up on a whim.

The books I read on a whim
The Selection (The Selection, #1) by Kiera Cass
I needed a quick audiobook and I stumbled across The Selection. I had no intention of actually reading it, but I couldn't find anything else so I picked it up. I loved it and I quickly read The Elite and The One afterwards. I saved The Heir and The Crown for this year though and I've now finished the series!

The Shamer's Daughter (The Shamer Chronicles, #1) by Lene Kaaberbøl
I had 3-4 hours of train rides and I'd only read classics and required books that week, or something, so I needed a quick and easy read so I grabbed The Shamer's Daughter just before I ran out of the door. I actually managed to finish the book I was currently reading, Mrs. Dalloway, begin this one and I actually finished it on the train ride home!
At this point I've read the whole series, her Katriona series and begin her Wildwitch series!

I'm Still here by Clélie Avit
I picked this one up last month because I needed a quick read, but I also needed to read books from my 'to review' pile and this one jumped out. I read it in a single day and I loved it!
Elsa is in a coma but can hear everything around her, Thibault needs a place to hide and he finds himself in Elsa's room. And there's a blooming lovestory in the works. Such a quick read!

Forget You by Jennifer Echols
This one I've just finished, on Sunday actually. I'd finished the book I'd been trying to get through the last two weeks, I'd then picked up another book after finishing that one and then I finished that one too. I just grabbed this one because I have to read it before the Danish version is released in June. I managed to finish it just before midnight and I really, really enjoyed it. I have a bunch of problems with it though, but I think I'm free of the slump that has tried to catch me!

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin
One day I found myself in need of another quick read and since I'd just received The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry I picked it up! I finished it before bed and it was quite enjoyable. Not as good as I'd hoped, but full of literature and books so very, very enjoyable!

The books I bought on a whim, this year
[geim] by Anders de la Motte
This one is the latest book I've bought! It was a hardcover wrapped in plastic so I had no idea what it was about since the back featured a phone with a text saying 'wanna play a game' and a yes and no button. That definitely sold it to me and I can't wait to pick it up!

The Enchanted by Rene Tenfold
I've seen it around but I've never known what it was about. Also, I'd never seen the cover on the edition I bought. It was cheap and it's about death row - I'm intrigued!

The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe
I love the 1950's and the summary mentioned both the publishing industry AND the 50's so I couldn't pass it up! Looking forward to reading it!

The Castle by Franz Kafka
I went to a bookstore and this one was on sale. I've been trying to branch out when it comes to classics and when I read that he never finished this one - it literally ends mid sentence - I knew I had to buy it!

Blue diary by Alice Hoffman
I've never heard about the author or the book but the summary intrigued me! A man brutally rapes and murders a young girl, 13 years later he's married and living a normal life when the police stumbles across new evidence which links him to the crime. So intrigued!


  1. I have yet to read The Selection series, even though my best friend is obsessed with it. I really need to pick it up one of these days. Excellent list!!

    My TTT!

  2. I've never read any of these but Blue Diary sounds interesting.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/top-ten-tuesday-57/