20 May 2016

First impressions, Cast Adrift

Cast Adrift by Mannah Pierce, received for review through Publishing Push
First impressions is yet another new feature I want to add to the blog! It's basically like first paragraphs but better!

I just started reading Cast Adrift by Mannah Pierce which is the first book in the Reaching out of the Shadows series. I received Cast Adrift for review from the author a little while ago, and I'm finally getting around to it!

So, Cast Adrift is a science fiction book which takes place in outer space! I didn't need to know anything else before agreeing to a review, I've been looking for books similar to Across the Universe by Beth Revis and this is the closest I've gotten so far!

I'm not totally sold on the cover, I like the simplicity though! And I get it more now that I've read the first chapter. It's not something I'd pick up on my own though, sorry. I'm intrigued by the story though and I can't wait to read more.

The book begins with this paragraph;
Jax had to trot to keep up with his escort. The big man's stride was smooth and effortless but deceptively quick. Jax recognised it as one of the many features that dissuaded the honourable from challenging and the dishonourable from attacking.  
Cast Adrift (Reaching out of the Shadows, #1) by Mannah Pierce, p. 1

So, Jax is our main character, thus far. I believe he's somewhere around 11 and on a mission to claim his inheritance - though, there's a while before he can do that, some years at least.
In the first chapter we meet Rae, he's a hybrid. He has fangs and whiskers and he's inhumanly fast! He's quite cute to be honest.
The first chapter is very secretive and vague, the information is definitely not handed out to you! You have to connect the dots and keep on reading before understanding anything. I'm not sure if I like it or not, yet.

I'm enjoying it though, even though the beginning is so vague.

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