17 December 2013

Top Ten Tuesday + Teaser Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is as usual hosted by the team at The Broke and The Bookish.
This tuesday it is all about the great new authors we have come to know during 2013 - and I have "met" a bunch!

Just so you know, the links will take you to their author profile on goodreads. So lets start, as usual in no particular order: 
  1. John Green, I read The Fault in Our Stars and the Zombicorns duology 
  2. Kami Garcia, I read her new release Unbreakable (review here), which is also the first book in a new series. 
  3. Kelly Hourihan, I really enjoyed reading 4 to 16 Characters (review here)
  4. Maureen Johnson, tecnically I have not yet read a book written by her, but I have finished reading the part that she wrote in Let it Snow (co-wrote with John Green and Lauren Myracle) and I loved it. So she counts!
  5. Kathryn Stockett, The Help was a really interesting read and I really enjoyed it. Also, I have in a way black mailed some of my friends into reading this one...
  6. David Levithan
  7. Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares was one of my favorite books in 2013 so how can I make this list without those 2? I am hoping to read more of both of them in 2014.
  8. Rainbow Rowell, I have only read Attachments (so far) but I just ordered Fangirl so I will be reading that one sometime soon!
  9. Veronica Roth, as I said in my End of the Year Survey, I jumped on the Divergent bandwagon really late - but I read it and reviewed it (review here) so that is all that counts! 
  10. Teri Terry, some friends of mine recommended Slated to me, I read it and now I am hooked. I cannot wait until the 3rd and final book comes out - IN MARCH! please kill me now....

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Want to join? All you have to do is grab your current read, flip open to a random page and share a non-spoiler teaser. Easy, right? Then just write it in the comments or make your own post and put the link in the comments. - But I like to share 2 teasers instead of one.

Since the only book I have with me right now is "'Twas the Night before Christmas" by a bunch of different authors (literally 30 or so). But the following 2 teasers will be from 2 different stories, I will write which one!

Twas the Night before Christmas and Other Christmas Stories

From "A Christmas Dream and How It Came True by Louisa May Alcott
"Never give up your faith in the sweet old stories, even after you come to see that they are only the pleasant shadow of a lovely truth."

From The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen
"But the fir tree did not rejoice at all, but it grew and grew; winter and summer it stood there, green, dark green. The people who saw it said, "That's a handsome tree!" and next Christmas-time it was felled before any one of the others."

Which book are you currently reading? And share your teaser(s) if you like!

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