16 June 2016

Heir of Skies by Rachel Higginson

Heir of Skies (Smtarbright, #1) by Rachel Higginson. Self published in 2012. Received for review from the author through Publishing Push. 236 pages. YA, fantasy. 3 out of 5 stars. 
I was contacted by the author, Rachel Higginson, way back in February regarding a review of this particular book. She wrote such an enthusiastic email that I couldn't help but say yes! It's quite a short book with only 236 pages so I flew through it in practically a day - even though it's been sitting on my shelf since early May. 

I'm quite torn to be honest, because while I really enjoyed the book I have a ton of problems with it. I haven't written that much in my review notebook - which I take notes in as I read. I have about half a page and 95% of it are mistakes I noticed throughout the book. That being said, I don't know if I have one of the first paperback editions where the mistakes haven't been corrected yet or it hasn't been properly edited. 
The other notes I've taken are; 
  • Tristan Shield, best friend
  • Stella, 16, can detect the nature of someone's essence 
  • Okay so far, not impressed
And while I flew through it, I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd thought I would. I was packed with fantasy elements, so it wasn't because of the lack of that and I laughed every once in a while so it wasn't exactly boring. 

Stella Day is our main character, she's 16 and she's going to be the Protector of Earth once she turns 25 - if everything goes according to plan, which is obviously doesn't. Stella is also a Star, a female angel, but she've grown up on Earth and never really been to Heaven. 
We also have Seth, Stellas counterpart, her Warrior, male angel, who's going to protect the Earth with her. They are destined to be together, that's how it has always been - it's always a Warrior and a Star. 
Tristan Shield is Stella's best friend. They've grown up together and as you can probably guess, they have undiscovered feelings for each other. Tristan knows that Stella is a Star though and therefore destined to be with another guy, he also knows that she's going to be the Protector of Earth someday. 
There's definitely a love triangle in there, and that is the big problem I have with this book. Sometimes I like love triangles, for the most part I dont, but they can actually be quite interesting and intriguing. Other times I find the main character indecisive about his or her choice. Just pick one instead of going back and forth! And Stella is quite indecisive, even in the end she hasn't made her choice and that bugs me. She's stringing both of them along even though she can't be with Tristan.

We were partners. Counterparts. He was the Warrior, and I was the Protector. I protected Earth, and he protected me. We would spend the rest of our lives together, side by side, our good versus their evil, fighting for the lives of the entire human race. And yet we weren't supposed to meet this young.  
Heir of Skies (Starbright, #1) by Rachel Higginson, p. 21

Heir of Skies is the first book in the Starbright series and I'm surprised at how action-packed it is! I didn't really know what to expect of this book, but in that department I was surprised and blown away. However, I won't be continuing the series, that much I know. 

I really don't know what else to say; it's enjoyable but have issues. Like many other books. I understand why so many enjoy her books, but for me it didn't cut it. 

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