22 May 2015

On reading multiple books at once

In the book community we often call this phenomenon of reading multiple books at once; 'book-affairs' or just 'affairs'. Because you can't stick to a single book. This definitely explains the guilty feeling you may have when you read more than one book at a time. I know that I for one sometimes feel like I'm neglecting the other books I'm reading and I definitely feel guilty and bad because of it.

When I first starting reading I couldn't even fathom the idea of reading more than one book at a time but now I, generally, read multiple books at once - mainly because I have so many books to get through. There is some downsides to reading more than one book at a time but I've found that I quite like it.

Some of the problems are; confusing yourself with the story lines, characters etc, the stress, indecisiveness when it comes to which one you want to read at that time and the feeling of guilt. I know not all have the same problems but these are definitely some that I've encountered while having my many affairs.

But what's the pros of reading multiple books then?
You can end up reading much more if you know how; I tend to have a current read in each format; an audiobook, an ebook and a physical book - and I also have a review book (no matter the format) going on with the other books. That way I can listen to the audiobook while working, cleaning or writing, reading the ebook on my phone, computer or tablet when I have a short break and at night I can read the physical book with a cup of tea. In the end I end up reading much more because I can take advantage of breaks and reading whilst doing something else - it's quite smart, if I do say so myself.
Some other good parts about reading more books at a time is you can switch between the books when you need a break from a certain book or you want to save or just devour the book slowly.

Personally I dislike reading big books because I feel like I miss out on so many other books while reading it so if I'm currently reading a big book I always have a smaller book on the side so I don't feel discouraged. It's one of the ways I get myself to read bigger books.

Advice when having these 'affairs'
  • Read different genres; it's easier to differentiate between the books if you, for example read a horror book, fantasy book and a contemporary book 
  • Different formats; I might be biased but this definitely makes me read more
  • Don't read an insane amount of books at a time! 
  • If some, or just one, of the books are on the bigger side keep a list of characters and notes so you won't forget - I have to do this every time I read a big book

Did I forget something or do you just want to add something? Tell me in the comments! 

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