27 January 2014

Bookish Pet Peeves #1

We all have them, whether they are about the book itself or the content. But what is it really? You know that feeling you get when you buy a new book, and you find out that there is a spelling error? That is a pet peeve. The feeling you get when you notice a dent or tear in your book? That is also a pet peeve. The feeling you get when you are reading the blurb on the back of the book, and then suddenly it says "and then she meets a guy" or "but who will she choose" and you get really annoyed? That is a pet peeve.

There is pet peeves about the actual book (for example dents, broken spines, dog ears etc) and about the content (insta-love, love triangles, predictable etc.).

I have a bunch of them, so I will make this into a mini-series, let me know if you have pet peeves too!

They can make me want to throw the book out, I seriously cannot deal with broken spines! I love paperbacks, I actually prefer them to hardcovers, so when somebody loans a book, I have to tell them a thousand times, that if they break the spine, they will have to buy a new copy for me. Because broken spines are just unacceptable.

Also, when paperbacks are on the shelf, they look gorgeous! But if they have the slightest crease on the spine I can't even look at it.

Do NOT ruin my books, I love my books, they are like my precious children - so when somebody bends a page, I will get really mad at them. I cannot even deal with people dog earing library books, how hard is it to find a bookmark? Like seriously, you can use a receipt, a dollar or a random slip of paper - just DON'T bend the pages!

Even though I coordinate my books after colour - which means that most of my series are spread out - I still cannot deal with cover changes. Sometimes it really is for the better, like for example Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi or Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. And other times it is for the worse, for example Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

Yes, we judge books by their covers. No, that doesn't mean that you get to just put a random cover on the book. I hate books where the cover says nothing about the book, or is just plain out misleading.

I know that some people really like books with deckled edges, but I just cannot stand them! I hate them! Why! WHY would you make deckled edges? I really cannot see the purpose!

I seriously hate reading a blurb and then getting spoiled for the entire book. For example The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg, it reveals a plot twist that happens towards the end of the book IN THE BLURB! That is just annoying and it makes me not want to read the book. 

I actually try to stay away from blurbs, since I have been spoiled so many times. Also, I really like going into a book without knowing anything. 

Do you have any pet peeves?

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