10 April 2016

Weekly rewind 4.10.16

So, I've definitely had an interesting week! A lot of things, exciting things, have happened and time has flown by because of it. I'm looking forward to sharing everything with you guys!

On blogging
Even though I'm not totally back yet, I've been excited about blogging this week. I wrote my first proper review of 2 months and I'm pleased with it. I also shared my first 'read with me' post and it was quite a fun one to make! I really hope this is me being back! 

On reading

Well, it's not been the best week reading wise. I've started a bunch and then put them down again because I wasn't feeling it. Definitely in a semi-reading slump at the moment. 

I read the Danish version of I'm Still Here or Je Suis Lá by Clélie Avit and I LOVED it. It's definitely one of the best books I've read this year and I definitely recommend it! 

I also began both The Premature Death of Ana Ivan by Mikkel Rosengaard and Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. I've read around 100 pages in each and I'm enjoying both. I'm going to meet Mikkel Rosengaard next week so I'm definitely making it a priority. 

On the shelf

Well, I bought some books again.. Or rather, I bought one, traded 3 and received 1. The Premature Death of Ana Ivan by Mikkel Rosengaard is the only one I've actually bought in April thus far and I only bought it because I need it for a signing (and maybe a meet-up) next week so I couldn't wait for it from the publisher or the bookish site I'm a reviewer for because it wouldn't get here on time. 

I found Station 11 on the 'take a book, leave a book' shelf in our local bookstore (where I got The Premature Death of Ana Ivan) so I figured I might as well grab it since I've been wanting to read it and it was technically free. I left two books though so I feel accomplished! 

I also went to 'The Bookworm' which is our local used bookstore and I always have a ton of credit there so I grabbed to books! I've checked out The Marriage Plot from the library a few times but I've never read it and Blue Diary sounds like the perfect readathon read! 

Lastly I received Sweettalk by Dorte Schou (Not translated into English). I'm having quite a hard time with it since it sounds interesting but I've not been able to get into it even though I've given it a couple of chances. It's only about 100 pages long so I even tried reading snippets from the middle and end but I'm not that interested in the writing style. I'm not sure what to do with it since I've received it from the publisher (unsolicited, though). 

On discoveries and happenings
Well, I mentioned a lot of stuff happened so we're doing bullets;
  • I started the practical course as a teacher - which I talked a bit about in my last rewind - and I actually taught a student how to subtract! He's had a hard time with subtracting for a while but I taught him how to! 
  • I got a mail from Mikkel Rosengaard, the author of The Premature Death of Ana Ivan, about meeting for a cup of coffee next week since he's in town! I'm excited. 
  • I got another mail, this time from Goodreads, saying that I'm in the top 1% of Goodreads reviewers. I've written 246 reviews on Goodreads - that's quite a lot! 
  • Well, I've fallen out with bullet journaling in the last few weeks but I've found my groove again this weekend. I've created so many new, useful, pages and I'm loving it! 
  • Spring cleaning! I took the first big step towards my spring cleaning this week! It feels great! So now the room is visibly clean (I still live at home) and next week I'm cleaning out my closet, my bookshelf and boxes of stuff here and there. 

On all the rest

This past week on the blog:

Next week on the blog:
  • I haven't planned anything yet except for Top Ten Tuesday, First Paragraphs and Weekly Rewind. 

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