16 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Songs I wish were books

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday we create a list inspired by a particular topic! This week it's about all the songs we wish were books! 
This was honestly a hard topic for me to do; I don't really listen to music that much and when I do it's soundtracks from movies - like I see Fire or Safe and Sound and I feel like that's basically already books. So, here's my list:

Yes, I might have used a lot of time to figure out how to make a playlist for you guys!

After Ever After 
My first two picks are the After Ever After tracks from Jon Cozart. I think you know my love for retellings at this point and these tracks are just so FUN! It's basically our favorite disney princesses in our time; Jasmin is angry because her husband, Aladdin, has been taken by the CIA because they fear that they're the Taliban. Ariel is drowning because there's oil in the water etc. It's amazing and I just want more retellings!
I recently discovered Shattered which is about Cinderella leading a rebellion, maybe that'll be something? I'm bringing an excerpt of said book soon!

Then I have Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. I love love stories but I need one about a young couple, which may follow them throughout their entire lives, or maybe just after they get together, or have been together for quite a while. We definitely need books which takes place AFTER they get together instead of just leaving it there. I know my first read of the year, Us by David Nicholls, explores the relationship in a marriage - but I don't want these stories to only be about old people!

Popular Song
Popular Song by MIKA and Ariana Grande also made my list. I love how fun it is and well, revenge plots are always fun, right?

Let it Snow
Yes, a Christmas song, you know I love Christmas. My ideal story for Let it Snow is a Christmas book narrated by Michael Bublé - so it needs to be an audiobook. Just imagine a book narrated by Michael Bublé - I have one, okay two words; perfect and SWOON!

Still into You
Again; I want books that takes place after a couple have been together for a while which is why Still into You by Paramore made it onto the list. I love this song and I think it would make a great book!

Little Talks
Lastly I have Little Talks by Monsters and Men but I prefer the slower version by Julia Sheer and Jon D. I love the atmosphere of the song and I believe there's something about a couple where one of them has amnesia or dementia or something. Nevertheless, if it's anything like the song I'll enjoy it.

I feel like I made a great list, or at least better than I had hoped. I'm really not that into music... Please leave your links so I have some inspiration!


  1. Still Into You would make such a fun summer read in my opinion! Great list!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. Popular Song NEEDS to be a novel - just think of the YA/high-school/contemporary revenge plot O.O I love the inclusion of Mirrors as well; such a smart choice that would transform into a really neat book.

    I absolutely love your compilation (especially the bottom half! Little Talks is such a tune, and Still Into You would make for such a good novel - it's probably the one I can see as actually becoming one the most!)

    Here's my response to this week's TTT if you have a spare moment to check it out :) (No obligations, of course!!)