10 November 2015

The Midnight Hour by Andrea L. Wells

Series: The Violet Hour, #0.5
Publication date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: KDPublishing
Genres: YA, Paranormal
Format: Digital review copy
Source: The author in exchange for an honest review
Pages: 102

Rating: ★★★/5


The only true destiny is love.
And love is not always about happy endings.

Michelle Keller-Jarvis doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to die.
Beautiful, rich and an immortal werewolf, no one suspects how ready she is to risk everything to keep her daughter, Logan, safe from Xavier's royal clutches.

A prequel to The Violet Hour, this novella offers readers a chance to hear Michelle’s story of a plan eleven years in the making gone horribly wrong.

When destiny makes its demands, sometimes the strongest don’t survive.

I read and reviewed the first book in the Violet Hour series; The Violet Hour earlier this year and I loved it! Read my review here

I really enjoyed reading this prequel! Even though I don't often review novellas I knew I needed to review this one! It's going to be quite a short review but bear with me!

I absolutely love the fact that this is told from Michelle's point of view, it adds something to the story and can definitely be read without having read The Violet Hour.
I really liked seeing the story, or rather; the beginning of the story, from Michelle's point of view. We somehow get insider knowledge of what actually happened to her and I love that!
I also love how Michelle's voice differs from Logan's voice in The Violet Hour. Some authors really fail to create different voices when it comes to point of view and Andrea definitely managed that! You're completely aware of who's narrating all the time and it's a joy to read!

What I absolutely love about this novella is the fact that the last chapter is told from Xavier's point of view - which Andrea didn't tell me. I was completely blown away by how clear his voice is! It's perfect for his personality and the way he carries himself - Andrea really outdid herself with his chapter! I may have to admit that I had to read this particular chapter a couple of times because I kept thinking how spectacular that certain part is.. I can't say that it's a bad thing though.
I hope she's going to write more stories from his point of view. I love to see the story, any story, from different point of views because no one experience the same. When said story is seen from the 'enemy's' point of view I probably enjoy it more and I often sympathize with the enemy!

The Midnight Hour is quite a short read at only 102 pages but it's fast-paced and well-worth it - even though you're going to crave more!

So, what I wanted to tell you with this short review is; please read The Violet Hour and The Midnight Hour. Andrea is a wonderful storyteller and her stories are completely captivating!

A comment from the author to get you excited about the next book in the series; 
I really cannot wait for you to read Book #2. I'm so geeked about this one. It's seriously twisted with things you'll never see coming and lots of drama. I've always loved how strong Logan is as a female protag but this book really does her justice. The cover is so awesome and the title just sings 'shit's about to get real!' 

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