1 May 2014

Welcome to Indie Author Month!

Hi everyone, today is May 1st which means the start of Indie Author Month here on the blog! I though I'd start this off with an introduction with an explanation of what indie authors actually are, how the idea originated and what you can be expecting from this month. 

What does the term "indie author" mean? You know how we have publishers? Well, indie authors don't use those publishers - they self-publish their books. They call all the shots and if they want to squeeze in another book or novella they can, regular authors can't, they have to contact their publishers about those things. Some indie authors get published through a small publishing company (nothing like Bloomsbury or Penguin) and they may have editors and agents and such - but they are still the ones to call the shots. So an indie author is basically an author who decide everything instead of letting the publishing company decide everything. 
Some indie authors don't use editors, which can prove to be quite stupid because of all the grammatical errors - but the majority of indie books out there at the moment have gone through an editor. 

How did the idea originate? The one that actually got this idea planted was Maximilian Timm (author of The WishKeeper) because he started to defend himself when I asked him whether he was an indie author. He started talking about how he had extensive writing experience and such. And that really got me thinking, are indie authors used to people declining them because they are indie authors? I originally planned on doing a single post about indie authors, why it's important to support them and what their feelings are toward their title of "indie authorship" and I actually started talking to a lot of authors. So I started "evolving" my idea and I thought about doing a mini-series - but I wanted to do something better than that.. And then it hit me, I could make take a month where all my posts are going to be about indie authors and their books.

What can you expect this month? I have a bunch of authors who are ready with interviews, guest posts, excerpts/samples, teasers, giveaways and some surprises! I will also be writing some posts myself, they are going to be reviews/book talks, some information posts about indie authors, free books that are actually great and again some surprises. 

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am! I hope you will be active and try to get to know the authors better and maybe win some books? 

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