11 October 2014

Shameful Book Confessions

There's a tag on instagram called #shamefulbookconfessions and I have too many to share on such a small space so I figured I might as well write a whole post with my shameful book confessions.

1. I hated City of Bones and I haven't been able to read any of Cassandra Clare's books since, because I know I'll just be disappointed.

2. I have marked The Book Thief as DNF (did not finish) because I thought it was that bad. I wanted to love it but I didn't even like it.. I couldn't even bring myself to read half of it.

3. Pride and Prejudice is, probably, my favorite book of all-time and even though I have a beautiful box set of all of her books I've only ever read P&P.

4. I have started reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I actually like it, I don't think it's as bad as people say it is.

5. I bought the entire Game of Thrones box set almost a year ago and I've not even started it.

6. I consider myself a Potterhead but I've never read the books in English (only Danish) and it's so far back that I can't even remember if I've read Deathly Hallows or not

7. I hate reading series, I prefer reading standalones.

8. I've read the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and I didn't even like it.

9. I forced myself through books 1 and 2 of the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I just couldn't finish the 3rd one. I recently gave them away because I know I'll never read them again.

10. I hate lending out my books

11. I hate most middle-grade books, I don't know why, but that genre/age-group is just not doing it for me

12. I actually really liked the Twilight saga and I've actually bought a box set of the entire series (I borrowed the books from my best friend the first time around). I've also read 'Twilight', the first book, 2 times.

13. I tried reading Vampire Academy a few months back and I couldn't get into it.

14. I've read Legend and Prodigy and I've no idea why because I didn't like or enjoy either of them

15. I judge books by their covers

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