9 October 2014

Reading Plans!

I have had a bit of a problem this year because I have received books for review and I’ve bought quite a few myself. Because of these books I’ve received for review I haven’t had the time to read the books I’ve bought and as a result I know have 100 unread books on my bookshelf. So how do I solve that problem? I actually got a solution on the problem, at least I hope it’ll work.

Every month I’ll read:
·      1-2 books from Netgalley
·      1 book from a Danish publisher (I receive 1 every single month),
·      1-3 books from Hot Key Books (unless I choose more)
·      and for the rest of the month I can read books from my shelves.

I know I won’t get my review pile drastically smaller, but I will get some reading done and I have a bunch of books from my shelves that I really really want to read soon. AND since December is my favorite month of the year, and since I also have to write an important paper in December I’ve decided that I can read whatever I want to read in December. Yay.

I’ve also decided that I seriously have to get a grip on my Netgalley addiction, so I can’t request books unless I want them more than anything else.

I'll probably also start making TBR's for each month, because it helps me decide which books from Netgalley I have to read (I can never decide when I look at the books on kindle). 

How do you juggle review books and your own books? 

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