30 April 2016

Announcing the winner of the Schism giveaway and a little ramble

I have been quite excited since it's my first giveaway with physical copies and it's even international so everyone could join. I got a lot of entries and I was looking forward to announcing the 10 winners, yes, there was going to be 10 winners but I had to disqualify so many that I only have a single winner! 

I had 3 obligatory entries; be a follower of my blog, leave your email and visit the author's FB page and the majority had just followed on twitter or IG instead of through bloglovin' or GFC. People also said that they'd left a comment, which they hadn't and so many other things. I was so excited about giving something back to my readers and know I'm just left with a feeling of bing worthless. 

How can I change this? 

Let's leave it at that before I get too emotional. I have already contacted Ria, the sole winner of the giveaway. Ria has won a lot of giveaways on here, because she's a loyal reader and she's usually one of the only ones who enter. 

I have to think about what to do with the last 9 copies. 

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