6 December 2014

Christmas and Winter reads

Sorry I've been MIA for the last month, but life happened and I've been in a reading slump, again. BUT I bring you today a post with a bunch of Christmas and Winter reads since it's my favorite time of year and I want to make the best of it. So let's start:

I don't know about you, but when I think about books to read this time of year it's either classics - because you can actually drink a hot beverage while reading them, and because I love reading classics when it's cold. Books that take place during the Winter or the holiday season. Books with snow. Fluffy books and books with baking - because I always bake my way through December. Oh, and massive books so you can just snuggle up in a blanket and stay there for the rest of the day.

Two years ago, when I first met my boyfriend, I read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares and I absolutely loved it. The summary basically tells you what happens in the first chapter, but the story is so much more. Normally I hate when the summary tells you what happens in the first chapter and not what the whole book is about, but I loved it when it came to this one.
It's such a cute and fluffy read and there's lots of snow and romance involved. (YA)

I read Let it Snow last Christmas when me and my family just moved into our new house and it made the process easier because I had a fluffy read whenever I became stressed or irritated (I hate moving). I remember loving all 3 stories, but I think I preferred the first one. I also loved how the stories where intertwined without it being confusing. This one is also a Christmas and a Winter story with lots of snow and holiday cheer! (YA)

I think the majority of people have either read, seen or just heard about The Grinch that Stole Christmas. I have watched the movie every Christmas season for as long as I can remember but I read the book for the first time last year and I loved it. The movie and the book is at the same time alike but not alike. For once I enjoy both of them and I think everybody HAVE to read this book. (Children's)

I read A Christmas Feast and other stories last month, I think, and I loved it. It's an anthology with a bunch of Christmas stories and I adored it. I read it in a single day and for a person who normally hate anthologies I would say that that is quite fast. If you're intrigued you can read my review here. It will definitely put you in a Christmas mood with all the lovely Christmas romances! (Adult)

You can't make any list without a Rainbow Rowell book! Since her newest one is set during Wintertime it's perfect. I actually read Landline during the summer, since that's when it was released, but it really should be read during the holiday season. Nevertheless I loved it and it's definitely going to be one of my favorites for quite a while. (Adult)
I read Fangirl last Christmas so maybe that's why it reminds me of it, but I do believe it has a Christmas feel to it as well. (YA)

I started reading this the other day and so far I'm really enjoying it. My True Love Gave to Me is another anthology made up of Christmas stories and it's quite popular at the moment. (YA)

Other books and stories:

Are there any books I've forgotten or should know about? 


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  1. These are very good reads for the holidays. Thanks for posting. Happy Holidays :-)