19 January 2014

Bookish Websites #2: Netgalley

NetGalley is a site were publishers put out eArcs of books, you request them and then you will either get declined or accepted. There is also the "read now" books, where you can just choose which ones you want to read. With that said, the site is 100% free, you just have to sign up and then you can read the books - it is really that simple. 

When you request a book, it is not always that you get accepted, especially not if it is a very popular title. But something that will help you get accepted is your feedback ratio. The recommended feedback is at least 80% - and that is quite a challenge if you have requested a bunch of books and have not read them.

A quick tip:
When you sign up and start requesting books - do not go overboard! Request some books you REALLY want to read, and then choose a book from the "read now" section, read it and give feedback. Then go back and choose another one from the "read now" section, read it and give feedback. This way you will have a much better chance of getting accepted, and you won't have all these unread books.

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The last "bookish website" was pulseit, click here if you want to read more about it. 

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