27 November 2013

Things for a bookish room

Since I am moving soon, and I am getting a totally new room (the only thing from my old room that I am going to keep is my bed). So I thought it would be fun to share a few bookish takes on rooms and decor.

Book Clock
I actually already got this clock. My dad bought it for my 16th birthday this year :)

Book Mirror by Paola Navone
This mirror would look so cute next to a bookshelf or a stack of books!

This would be a great DIY room decor. (: Reminds me of Harry Potter and the Chamber of
Name a Potterhead who would not LOVE to have this in their room!

Etsy shop selling bookish candles
A library scented candle! I believe you can also get one that is bookstore scented!

A book lamp! Perfect for late night reading..

Bookish drawers.
How cool is this?!??!? I want that!

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