Review Policy

I am currently accepting books for review. Keep in mind: 

  • At the time I only accept physical copies!
  • I put a priority on reviewing print rather than digital copies
  • In the case of arcs: When I am done with the copy, I either delete or donate it.
  • I cannot guarantee a review; If I give a book 1 or 2 stars I'll only put a review on goodreads and if I mark it as DNF (did not finish) there will not be a review
  • When you contact me I'll give you a timeframe for when you can expect a review.
  • If you contact me about a book, I will answer you
  • When sending a review request I will advice you to send me a mail (which you can find below) which includes: 
    • a summary 
    • book details 
    • the first two or three chapters so I can get a feel for the book. 

General info about my reviews:
  • I try my best to point out which parts I loved and say positive things about every book. I will not be condescending or down right mean. Some books aren't reviewed on my blog but only on other sites (read below) - generally that goes for the ones I have received for review but haven't enjoyed that much. 
  • I post a "copy" of every review on amazon, goodreads and book depository. (I am thinking about branching out and post them on other sites as well)

Books I love to review: 
  • Teen / YA (most undergenres)
    • Fairytale-retellings 
    • Contemporary
    • Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
  • Adult (fiction)
    • Contemporary
    • Science Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Fairytale-retellings
With that said, I often read other genres, so feel free to contact me about another type of genre - except erotica, I simply refuse to read erotica for review!

Self-published books:
I will accept self-published books if it sounds like something I might enjoy. 

I am a Book Depository affiliate, which means that when you click on a link on my blog that refer you to the Book Depository - and you buy something - I will get a tiny commission (5%). 

Contact me: 

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