Beta reader and proof reading

I've grown up learning both Danish and English and I've also studied English in school and at the Gymnasium I went to. I'm good at spotting errors and I like reading - why not combine the two?
If you're writing a new novel and need some beta readers or maybe you want someone to proofread the entire thing well then I'm your girl!

This is an entirely new thing I'm offering! (August 27., 2015)

Beta reader
  • I can't promise a review, as you can read in my review policy I only review books I give 3 stars or higher. 
  • I'll notify you of errors - and if it is in desperate need of proof reading I'll make sure you know. 
  • I'll also notify you if I find holes in the plot or other things who doesn't add up. 

Proof reading
  • Yes, as I need to use a lot of time and read it through very thoroughly, this comes with a price. But we'll talk price when you contact me about your book. I need to know if it's just a quick glance through to find the ones you've missed or a line-by-line thorough read through - or something in between. Since I'm not a professional my fee obviously won't be as high as a professional's 
  • I will need a word document of the book and/or a physical copy. 
  • You will get a timeframe for when you can expect me to be finished, I have to see how tight my schedule is with review books and school and I need to know how long your book is before I can set a timeframe. 
  • If I like the book I have different ways of spotlighting the book after or on its release

Books I've proofread
  • Champion by Claudette Cruz (30.000 words / 100$) 

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